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Title: भाष्यपरम्परा ज्ञानप्रवाहश्च - आन्ताराष्ट्रियपरिसंवादे प्रस्तुतानां निबंधानां सङ्ग्रहः / Bhasyaparampara Jnanapravahasca (Proceeding Volume of International Conference) -(11-13 Feb 2020)
Other Titles: BHĀṢYAPARAMPARĀ JÑĀNAPRAVĀHAŚCA (Proceeding Volume of International Conference)
Authors: Pandey / पाण्डेय, Devendra Nath / देवेन्द्रनाथ - Editor / संपादक
Katira / कतिरा, Dipesh Vinod / दीपेश विनोद - Editor / संपादक
Acharya / आचार्य, Janakisharan / जानकीशरण - Editor / संपादक
Keywords: SSSU Books
Shree Somnath Sanskrit University Books
Sanskrit Books
Bhasyaparampara Jnanapravahasca - Proceedings of International Conference
Proceedings of International Conference - 11 to 13 Feb 2020 - Research Papers
Research Papers- Proceedings of International Conference - 11 to 13 Feb 2020 -
Indian culture
commentary tradition in India
Sanskrit literature - literary criticism
Sanskrit commentary
Bhāṣya or commentary - Indian scriptural
Tradition of Commentaries
Dynamics of Knowledge
Indian Thaoughts
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2020
Publisher: श्रीसोमनाथ संस्कृत युनिवर्सिटी, वेरावल / Shree Somnath Sanskrit University, Veraval
Series/Report no.: श्रीसोमनाथ संस्कृत युनिवर्सिटी ग्रंथमाला / Shree Somnath Sanskrit University Grantha Series;नंबर / No. 22
Abstract: Coming Soon
Description: This Book Published in Sanskrit, Hindi and English Language Edited by by Dr. Prof. Devendranath Pandey, Dr Dipesh Vinod Katira and Dr.Janakisharan Acharya. The Pages of the Book are 628p. This Book also Available in Print Format. The Price of this Book is Rs.920=00 (Nine Hundred and Twenty Indian Rupees). If, any Person interested to Purchase this Book kindly contact "SSSU Publication Sales Unit" on Email: / in. An Individual can get 20% Discount + Postage and Handling Charge. Institutions get 30% Discount (need a request on Institution's letterhead) + Postage and Handling Charge. Vendor/Book Sellers get 40% Discount (need a request on their firm's letterhead) + Postage and Handling Charge.
ISBN: 978-93-83097-43-2
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